ultra modern - very social
(a streaming theatre concept for 2002 and beyond)
This space is dedicated to the persuit of experimental theatre which is somehow modulated and mediated by the intermediary influences of the net, but may also involve communcation appliances such as telephones, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, radio, etc.
Our emphasis is on improvisation and experimentation where "here and now" and "there and then" are relative expressions in collaborative networked spaces.


Keystroke: multi user media synthesizer for use on local and remote networks.
Quicktime: streaming audio/video
Realmedia : streaming audio/video
Ivisit: video tele-conferencing
20.10.02: Save the Streams
Participation in net radio action, transmitting to Landmark Cafe, Bergen/Norway from STEIM, Amsterdam
17-24.03.02: Motherboard @ landmark
an 8 day event at Landmark Cafe in Bergen, Norway
Continuous: MPEPE3
Streaming net radio and special event dj.
19.03.04: Pepe djs for UKS [Young Artists Society] in Oslo from his sitting room, brining his own special touch to the art of transmition.