THE EXTRA LIVE SHOW, Sept 14, 2000.
Commissioned by Kunstnett Norge as part of their net.performance series

A realvideo (streaming) archive from the show is available HERE (Realplayer G2 needed).
(The first part is mainly a line/streaming check - fast forward to 24 mins for the 50 min show itself - it's wacky and very very wicked!!)

Performers: Amanda, Ulvers and Pepe. On ivisit: Soviet Funk
Software: ivisit, image/ine, realproducer plus, sing!.
Hardware: 2x64kbps modems, 3xmacs, gibson guitar, pod, kaoss pad, oberheim piano, toys w/sound,
alligator, sony minidv camera, sunglasses, heads, stuffed birds, japanarama video and solo pluss.

Big thanks to Geir Tore Holm and Søssa Jørgensen for the invitation, plus BEK for live streaming server services - BEKLSSS (tm).