Space/technical requirements
  • Minimum space requirements: 40m2
  • Blacks/drapes on the walls
  • Dark ceiling
  • Electricity: AC 220-240 volt (EU standard)
  • Comfortable seating for spectating
  • Set up: 2 full days
  • Down rig: 1 full day


When the Emotion Organ is staged as a participatory installation it demands some performative commitment form the player. Therefore a comfortable, ambient environment is provide, both for playing the organ and spectating.

This piece obviously puts some demand on the acoustics of the space, and it should be isolated from outside disturbances.

The organ is basically self-contained, but some extra minimal lighting is needed. Exactly how much depends on the space.

Each time the organ is moved the sensors and acoustic levels have to be adjusted for the new environment, so sufficient set-up time is important.