Amanda Steggell, artist, born in Yokohama, based in Norway, works all over the place.

Amanda Steggell has a background in dance/choreography and is Associate Professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Her interest is in the allurement and uncanniness of technology and its related devices with whom she shares her life.

As a collaborative and solo artist, her interdisciplinary work combines and shifts across the scope of the performing, visual, sonic and media arts. She has worked extensively with digital and communications technologies since the mid-1990s when she also co-founded the Motherboard project with Per Platou ( In 2007 she gained a phd-alternative qualification for artists in Norway for her artistic research in synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice. Her solo work is currently seeping into science/technology museums in the form of participatory installations as well as in public space as urban interventions.