Thanks to Østfold University College - the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Arts Council Norway and Atelier Nord/Atle Barclay for providing resources for developing The Emotion Organ.

Special thanks to:
Harald Beckstrøm (organ repair assistance)
Laura Beloff (fellowship project supervisor)
Erich Berger (sensor and interface building consultancy and assistance)
Kjell Døving (explanation of how noses work)
Peter Elsea (for letting me use his max/msp chordcatcher patch)
Bodil Furu (testing the organ)
Harald Fetveit (organ modification help)
Erkki Huhtamo (showing me his media archaeology collection)
Interface z (midi interface/sensor advice)
Ivar Frounberg (introducing me to Forte's 20th C atonal music analysis system)
HC Gilje (max/MSP/Jitter consultancy)
Infocus NO (projector sponsorship)
Bjarne Kvinnsland (testing the organ)
Matthew McCabe (for letting me use his max/msp setcalc patch)
Odd Gytri (air compressor and airbrush system support/sponsorship)
Frank Knight/ Dale Air Aroma Design (for his aromas)
Oliver Larkin (for porting max/MSP objects to binary format)
Carle Lange (secondary fellowship project supervisor)
Håkon Lindbäck (max/MSP/Jitter consultancy)
Marcus Martinuzzi (airbrush holder construction)
Ketil Nergaard (helping to visualize the organ)
Annesofie Norn (scenographic assistance)
Aslak Nygren (general construction assistance)
Charlemagne Palestine (testing the organ)
Per Platou (sound assistance, concept brainstorming, unending patience and support)
Piotr Pajchel (programming assistance and brainstorming)
Ellen Røed (moral support and inspiration)
Janne Stang Dahl (testing the organ)
Hans Petter and Ole-ChristianSchrøder/ Norwegian Organ Workshop (bellows repair)
Jonas Bræin Selvig (testing the organ)
Hans Knut Sveen (explaining how the stops work)
Simon Steggell (soldering assistance)
UK Synaeathesia Association (inviting me to their anual meeting and conference)