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9 - 19 September 2009 Ultima 2009
Annual international festival of contemporary music

Teknsik Museum, Oslo
Co production with Ultima 2009 and Atelier Nord
27 October - 1 November 2008 ACM MULTIMEDIA 2008 Interactive Arts Program
Science World British Columbia, Vancouver
Curatorial committee:
Sara Diamond, President, Ontario College of Art & Design, Canada
Kevin Kearns, Vice President, Special Projects & Facility Development, TELUS Science World British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Sally Jane Norman, Director of Culture Lab, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
URL: Interactive Arts Program
14 -17 February 2008
open for partcipants og IKT Grenland Expo 2008 conference
15th: open to local students
16th-17th: open for the general publi between 12.00 and 16.00 hrs.
IKT Grenland EXPO 2008, Porsgrunn Kunstforening
Klosterøya, Skien, Norway
URL: IKT Grenland EXPO 2008
URL: Klosterøya
URL: Porsgrunn Kunstforening
10 -14 October 2007
Vernsiage 10th: 19.00 hrs
Concert 12th: 21.00-02.00 hrs
Opening times:
11th-13th: 12.00-20.00 hrs
14th-15th: 12.00-18.00 hrs

Lydgalleriet, Bergen
Included in this exhibition is a special concert where 5 musicians from Bergen are given approximately 20 min each to push the limits of the Emotion Organ within their diverse ranges of expression. The brave musicians are:
* Espen Sommer Eide
* Silje Nes
* Sigbjørn Apeland
* Jørgen Træen and John Hegre
10 September 2007 (RE)Actor: the 2nd international conference on digital live art
University of Leeds, England.
Presentation of paper Dabbling with Original Syn (about synaesthesia, addiction and the Emotion Organ)
15-17 June 2007
Vernisage: 15th: 13.00 hrs
Opening times:
13-17.00 hrs
The Norwegian Short Film Festival
The Old Stable, Grimstad.
18-21 April 2007 Close Encounters
International Arts Research Event, University College of Dance, Stockholm.
13-14 January 2007 Mind, the Gap
Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad.