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The Norwegian Theatre Academy

Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts




Synaesthetic Performance In The Club Scene
Dekker, Annet.
Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts Amsterdam

What's in a name
Dekker, Anette.
Kunst und Kritik online, 04.05.05.

The Problem of Synaesthesia in the Arts
Galeyev, Bulat, M.
Published in "Languages of Design", 1(1993), pp.201-203

(Syn)aesthetics and Disturbance -
A Preliminary Overview

Machon, Josephine.
Body Space & Technology Journal, Brunel University, vol.1, no.2, 2001 Josephine%20Machon%20-%20(syn)aesthetics.htm

Hypermedia and mediation
Morrison, James C. 
Media Ecology Association Publications, 2000

Kinetic Synaesthesia: Experiencing Dance in Multimedia Scenographies
Marc Boucher, Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol 2, 2004

Art and Synesthesia: in search of the synesthetic experience.
Heyrman, H. (2005)

Tele-synaesthesia: presentation of a hypothesis
Heyrman, H. (1997)

Art of the Scene – The Inscenation of Art
(From the Stage to the Immaterial Scene)
Weibel , Peter.
Ars Electronica 1998, Catalogue article

Artistic and Psychological Experiments with Synesthesia
van Campen, Crétien.
Original extended manuscript of article published in Leonardo vol. 32, nr. 1 (1999) 9-14.


(features work in every field of digital art: 2D, 3D, interactive techniques, installations, virtual reality, multimedia, telecommunications, web art, and animation).
Siggraph 2004

What Sound Does A Color Make?
[Eyebeamm, NY. May 26 - July 16, 2005]

Visual Music
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC. 2005.

Summer of Love
Liverpool Tate, 2005
(exhibition which reveals the unprecedented exchanges between contemporary art, popular culture, civil unrest and the moral upheaval during the 1960s and early 70s)

(artist websites)

Works by Golan Levin and collaborators

Audio Visual Orchestra
Sean Eisenstein (director)

Erich Berger 2004

Ken Nordine


A Bibliography of Synesthesia and Phonesthesia Research in the Cognitive Sciences
Compiled by Shelly Wynecoop and Golan Levin
Interval Research Corporation, July 1996

Ars Electronica 1998
Catalogue archive (pdf's)

Website supported by Russian Foundation for Humanitarian Research


Resurrecting the Technological Past
An Introduction to the Archeology of Media Art

Erkki Huhtamo
Intercommunications, vol.14, 1995

Digital Space: A Summary
David Dunn and Woody Vasulka

Depth Technologies
Roof, J. (2001) , Published in Technospaces - inside the new media (ed. Sally R. Munt ), Continuum. ISBN 0826450032.

So what's so new about media art?
Ryan, S. (2005) Published in Intellegent Agent, Vol 5 2005.

Statement on Intermedia
Higgins, D. (1966)
Published in: Wolf Vostell (ed.): Dé-coll/age (décollage) 6, Typos Verlag, Frankfurt - Something Else Press, New York, July 1967.

Interview with Woody Vasulka
Hill, C (1992). (c. Hill/Vasulka 1996)

Interview with the Vasulkas - additional questions and thoughts to be included with this interview.
Malin, J. (1981)

Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality

The Futurist Cookbook
F.T. Marinetti, introduction by Lesley
Chamberlain, translation from the Italian by Sue Brill, San Francisco, Bedford Arts, 1989.

Tune in, Turn on, light up
Amalie R Rothschild, 2005


Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology. A Review of Current Knowledge
Richard E. Cytowic,
PSYCHE, 2(10), 1995

Synaesthesia - A Window Into Perception, Thought and Language. Published in the Journal of Consciousness
Ramachandran, V. S. and Hubbard E. M. (2001) Studies, 8, p. 3-34.

Individuating modalities in humans and other animals.

Brian L. Keeley, Pitzer College
Revised version of this paper, Journal of Philosophy, 29 March 2001.

Artificial Synesthesia for Synthetic Vision
Peter B.L. Meijer (1996-2006)



Radio transcripts:

Radio National Transcripts:
The Health Report Monday, 8th July, 1996
Robin Hughes interviews Richard Cytowic and Carol Steen.

Radio National Transcripts:
The Health Report Monday, 18 December 2000
with Norman Swan.


Synaesthesia audio files:

Where Science Meets Art
For Pianist, Music Unleashes Rainbows of Color
by Jon Hamilton, NPR News, April 18th 2005
(Real media file)

Synesthete Perspectives - Carol
(8 bit/11kHz .au files)

Synesthete Perspectives - Karen
(8 bit/11kHz .au files)

Hearing colours, eating sounds
BBC Radio 4, Programmes 1 & 2
12 and 19th November 2002
(Real media files)
Reith Lectures 2003
The Emerging Mind

Lecturer: Vilayanur S Ramachandran
BBC Radio 3
(Real media files)

NRK P2, Sånn er Livet
5th February 2002
(Wndows media)


An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book II - Chapter IX - Of Perception
John Locke, 1690
Institute for Learning Technologies
(1995 ILT Digital Classics)

Sound-induced Illusory Flash
(Demo: Shockwave Flash version)
Ladan Shams, Yukiyasu Kamitani and Shinsuke Shimojo

Sound-induced Visual "Rabbit"
(Demos: Shaockwave Flash version)
Kamitani, Y. & Shimojo, S.(2001) Sound-induced visual "rabbit". Journal of Vision.


Rythmic Light
An excellent site that contains historical references and current happenings in the field of lumia.

THE OCULAR HARPSICHORD OF LOUIS-BERTRAND CASTEL. The Science and Aesthetics of an Eighteenth-Century Cause Célèbre.
Maarten Franssen
Tractrix. Yearbook for the History of Science, Medicine, Technology and Mathematics 3, 1991.

Center for Visual Music
Los Angeles

The New 21st Virtual Color Organ
Jack Ox

Reverse Colour Organ
The Reverse Color Organ (RCO) is an interactive device that enables viewers to explore the nature of synaesthesia, or sensory blending, and to expand upon their understanding of how paintings communicate.


Infinity. Challenge your senses. Ignite your imagination

Theme Park website

Next-gen Rez sequel in the cards? [update 2]
Posted May 18th 2006 3:25PM by Ross Miller



Physical Computing
Tom Igoe's excellent website on physical computing.

Making Sense Project
Within a series of workshops Making Sense aims to
introduce basic and advanced concepts of how artists
can work with sensors and effectors, how to build custom
computer interfaces and how to interface them with
different software environments.

Liveform: Telekinetics Project
[especially the "recipes"section]

(Aroma emitting systems:)

E-mail tries out a sense of smell

Dead medium: Piesse's Smell Organ
Richard Carey (Source(s): June 1922 issue of (the now long dead) magazine, Science and Invention, as reprinted in Experimental Musical Instruments magazine)

Dale Air sniff out winning project
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