NOOD LIVE is a very special experience...With a couple of modems connected to net services like CU-SeeMe , RealAudio , NetPhone and IRC (normally #nood or #maggie) they play live on their macs, guitar and indian pump organ with friends in many different locations.


July 26. 2001> Nood play in Motherboard's Mirage O/Z installation, on the street at the URBAN FESTIVAL in Zagreb, Croatia
May 7. 99 > Nood play for IDORU Online performance with Michelle Teran, and Mix Magazine(Toronto)
April 18. 99 > Nood play for LONELY HEARTS CLUB Online installation. Jazid, Oslo
April 1. 99 > Nood play for IDORU Online performance with Michelle Teran, Mercer Gallery (Toronto)
January 22-23. 99 > Nood play in M@GGIES LOVE BYTES performance at ARC, Stockton-on-Tees, England

December 12-16. 98 >

Nood make the music happen in the Motherboard show, Switch Bitch re:sampling the cyberfemme, at the Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

97 > 

Nood plays as the in-house band on the two-weekly norwegian telly contempory culture program Puck.
June 6-15. 97 > Nood take oart in the Motherboard project "the digital mosque" presented at e~on: the art event of 6cyberconf. held in Oslo.
April 30. 97 > The cities of the dead, a life-giving music and dance seance at Hyperstate III, Oslo Spektrum.
Feruary 2.+3. 97 > Nood and M@ggies Love Bytes on Norwegian telly, with international guest dancers and musicians.Read a crazy transcription from the CuSeeMe chat window HERE:
March 8.+9. 96 > Nood join M@ggies Love Bytes at the Electra exhibition of electronic art at the Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo.
Here's a review from the show.
August 21.23. 96 > Nood had an internet workshop at Oslo Rock Festival. Participants were M@ggie's Love Bytes, festival guests + Tim Bran and Andy Russell from Res Rocket Surfer. You can find some CU-SeeMe snapshots and a veeeery long RealAudio soundclip HERE.
with contributions from San Fransisco, London, Yokohama & Oslo!