slowly updating ........ NOOD is a project dedicated to the noble purpose of conceiving, processing and looping sound resources from the net- and meatspace. Nood released the first-ever internet CD "HETTYNETTLETTY" early '96, a glam mixture of lo-fi grooves, chaotic jazz breaks and strange ethnic sounds mixed with impressions from brickspace and acoustic instruments such as guitar, dictaphone, and the indian pump organ. Ulvers (ulf knudsen) and Pepe (per platou) ARE NOOD.

Sky Bar Kit
- Results from Nood workshop @ KiT Trondheim october 2001.
9 exclusive tracks available on mp3 HERE.

Royal Wedding Special!
Listen to "Walk-in 2 me", featuring a.o. Mari Wendelbo, and the ever-present Brian Wilson is conducting the session. It is an exclusive love song recorded especially for the norwegian royal wedding this summer. It will be included on the DBUT ROYAL cd, august 2001, along artists like Sternklang, Moon Orchestra, Tøyen, Jaga Jazzist, Boy Pen Jakke, Palace of Pleasure, DJ Spooky and many more. Download walkin2me.mp3 HERE

......... for a better phuture NOOD finally released a follow-up album, with the brill title, "SHAPED LIKE A TACO!", care of DBUT RECORDS and HOT ROD magazine.
Order your copy of SHAPED LIKE A TACO online HERE.

Alternatively you can get hold of your ex. by buying the summer issue of HOT ROD magazine 2000, in which case you also get to read an exclusive interview with Pepe, and see him waterskiing NOOD past Oslo's City Hall! More info on this later. OR, you can download the whole cd for free as mp3 and realaudio files. So far (sept 00), we have uploaded some songs on mp3 (download and preview) at FREETRAX, a few more at, or, if you're on a fast connection, you might as well download all the MP3s for free directly from us, or as Realaudio files in download or streaming format. And - for you lazy hardcore fans - listen to the WHOLE ALBUM as one 74-minute streaming radio file - 28K lo-fi mono version.

We have a couple of videos too, HERE and HERE. And don't forget our new 56-minute sound version of the famous I LOVE YOU virus - thanks to Ym-Trygve for the text translation!.

Check out the sound page for early sketches.Visit OLD BITCH BAY to see the 97 studio session HERE , and the 98 session, where the album was finally mixed, HERE.

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ulvers and pepe


Nood recently teamed up with Go Nood! in Australia. They make funky wear (chicks dig it). Have a look at their selection of great t-shirts, ski hats, caps, frisbees, stickers.....

Nood supports the EFF Open Audio Licence. This practically means that you can download/copy/remix/cut/paste or whatever everything from these pages, but please read the licence first, give credit where credit is due and support the action. Just a little warning: Lots of the audio stuff is not cleared, so prepare for legal battle, esp. if you plan to make a #1 hit (easy with all these great songs).

Check out the sound page for REALAUDIO tracks. Also featuring almost all the samples from "HETTYNETTLETTY". The whole album - 74 mins. - can be streamed in RealAudio format HERE, courtesy of our friend and collaborator Dean Frederick Radioactive Whitbread in London.


on dec. 18th 2000, senior members of the norwegian record industry association initiated a new "replacement category" while listening to the nominees for 2001's Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannsprisen). A special price (for being totally mad..?) was awarded to NOOD and their label DBUT for "Shaped like a Taco". Read more about it in PULS - sorry, only norwegian...


Link to our excellent international distributors ATRECORDINGS. Lots of good artists there! Direct link to the nood page here

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NOOD resist stupid copyright laws. Some essential links on copywrong: Try HERE.

HERE is a downloadable Realvideo-documentary (2Mb) from when the last copies of our compilation CD "Igloo" was handed over to Sony Music (Norway) director Rune Hagberg for destruction, due to Copyright problems... Great fun!

AFFILIATIONS > NOOD is heavily involved with the performance and installation group MOTHERBOARD, and the net-based super group RES ROCKET SURFER