Welcome to the ongoing Nood recording session in Old Bitch Bay, Norway, aug 6-16.

This site gives you an eye on Nood creating the all time high monumental classic "Surf Salaam",
a full-length CD to be released this autumn. You can sneak-listen to (yet) unmixed songs in Realaudio-format at the bottom of this page, we're adding up as fast as we can. (.......)

Pic of radio used

If you are looking for a free CD, info or streaming/downloadable soundbytes, pay a visit to Nood back home or try our absolutely *amazing* motherboard shockwave loopmixer.

AND - not to forget - if you're a really smart person, mail your contributions asap to the board of professors on the Institute of Sound Semantics.

Surf or die! ......right?

Wanna hear why Hillary is our sponsor? (Make sure you have the Realaudio plugin)
And while we're at the sponsors, the pirate radio is an invaluable inspiration. Check out their weekend live stuff!

Gifilmmakers: Mandy and Truelove. High budget on these, see? rsHa..........
A brand new onie today, by accident (???) done on the rrs-muse-studios involving M@ggie on the percussion, Nood on the blues, TekBoy & Jay + not to forget Evening on another real audio file (!) TripLuv.Originally a blues for Anna (morning ) ;))).
And here is still the popular megadance hit (definitely needs some serious mixing before it's finished...)
Here is what is sounds like when we try to play fusion jazzrock, in lactose fruitgroove. Give this song your vote if you have got a boat.

Bang Ras is something we just did, the Baul gurus grooving..
Raggamix is from late sunday nite...
And this is same setup five hours later, empty bottle of cognac.......
Here is a cybergroove featuring Aric and Chango that we're trying to finish.
And finally a gigantic Realaudio masterpiece made by Truelove, the nood manager/vocalist/driver/pc nerd/moonfish, 2 hours after he laid his hands on our mac powerbook 520 for the first time.

Before you leave take a look at Nood Beach with the brand new Noodfish video, made by the beautiful, all-time cyberstar M@ggie.